Somansa provides total data security solutions to ensure Data Protection, Data Privacy and Compliance

Is your sensitive data and personal information safe from leakage?

As more personal information and confidential company data including intellectual property is exchanged through the network via email, instant messenger, FTP, file shares and stored in company desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and cloud storage, and copied or transferred to removal storage such as USB Drives, applications, and other channels, the liabilities and risk have also increased.

Sensitive data leakage can all lead to financial and resource loss for organizations of all sizes and industries, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, retail, and government.

DLP + Center Manegement

A centralized web-based management console, Somansa’s DLP+ Center provides quick and easy visibility and control of sensitive data to prevent data loss anytime and anywhere for a convenient operating environment while offering robust and broaden reports to help quickly understand the security posture, identify threats and make timely decisions to reduce risk and damage.

Endpoint Data loss prevention

Somansa Privacy-i is an endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) solution to protect sensitive data stored in company desktops, laptops, and monitors, discovers, and secures confidential data based on policy rules to prevent copy and transfer to USB, CD/DVD, Printing, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and applications.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Somansa Cloud DLP helps companies extend their data loss prevention policies to where the data lives today –the cloud and control sensitive data by providing precise and powerful discovery, monitoring and prevention capabilities for cloud email and storage including Microsoft Office 365, Box, and One Drive.


Network Data Loss Prevention

Using superior packet and protocol analysis technology, Somansa Mail-i Network DLP helps organizations protect sensitive data in motion and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
39 percent of IT professionals worldwide were more concerned about the threat from their own employees than the threat from outside hackers.

Storeage Data Loss Prevention

Somansa Storage DLP helps manage all unstructured data, enabling companies to discover stored sensitive data throughout the organization by scanning any data repository including file servers and databases, and protect sensitive data according to centrally administered policies with the remediation actions such as encryption.

Mobile Data Loss Prevention

Somansa Mobile DLP offers a way for companies to gain greater visibility and control into data loss events on mobile devices without impacting mobile usage and productivity.