Deploy A Comprehensive Set of Enterprise Security Solutions

SEQRITE offers a highly advanced range of enterprise and IT security solutions to protect your organization’s most critical data. We are one of the leading information technology (IT) and data security companies for Corporates, PSUs, Goverment and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. Over the years, we have made a mark for providing a range of cybersecurity services to a varied clientele.

Pioneers of Enterprise Cybersecurity

From infrastructure to applications to devices, we never stop researching trends and designing solutions against new and unknown cyber threats

Indigenous and simplified security solutions

At SEQRITE, we have answers for all your enterprise security requirements with endpoint protection, gateway protection and server-level protection

Round-the-clock Customer Support

We provide strong customer support for all your web security needs through our 24x7 inbound telephone centre, online chat, support forum, email, remote and on-site assistance (where applicable).

Endpoint & Data Protection

Complete enterprise security with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for advanced enpoint and data protection.

Endpoint Security (EPS)

EPS is an enterprise security manager that protects every connected endpoint against cyber-attacks from a single platform.
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Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud

EPS cloud is a comprehensive platform to manage endpoint security from anywhere.
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